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I laid you down on the bed, and told you to undress as much as you wanted while I went into the kitchen. I boiled some tea, and went to make sure that there were a few ice cubes in the tray in the icebox. I heard you turning on the radio to some sexy jazz music, Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, and funky, as you dimmed the lights and removed your little black dress. I took an ice cube and rolled it into my mouth; I was shocked by its frigid hardness. I put the icecube into a dish, and poured out the hot water into a cup, and rejoined you in the bedroom, to find you already busy with your toy on the bed, your black dress down at your knees, your left hand circling your white breast....

Your eyes were closed, so I put the dish and the tea on the night table, making sure that it was in reach, and lay down beside you.

I kissed you and told you to keep playing with yourself, and you heeded my command. I took the icecube and let it slide along your nipple; you moaned uncontrollably ; then I licked it and sucked its sweet hardness. I let the icecube sit on your belly for a while, and watched it melt a little and drip down your pale skin. Did I dare to touch you with it lower?

I bent down over your belly and began kissing it, working my tongue all the way down to your mound. I was darting my tongue over your pussy , licking the klit as hard as I could. You moaned, and I watched the icecube partially melt on your soft stomach. I took it in my hand and held it in my mouth for thirty seconds while I fingered your twat. I spit it out onto the bedsheets, and you shuddered; I shoved my face into your pussy and licked it over and over and over.....the ice coldness of my mouth making instant contact with your cunt.

You were stroking your tits, and squeezing your legs against my face. The cold of my tongue made you squirm in agony. The jazzmusic was bopping along nicely, and I heard you moaning gently, faster, faster....

I slowly licked up to your clit, and mouth it, moving my mouth around it and humming along with the music, while I took the icecube and rub it along your asshole. You turned on your side and made hard love to my mouth as your chest shuddered, and your breasts heaved. I fingered you in the pussy as your legs put a death grip around my hand, and I stroked your pussy now, and I tried to lift my head to pick up the tea cup without spilling. It was scalding hot , and the tea would hurt like hell if it had gotten on either of us. I took a full sip, holding a mouthful of hot tea , and was amazed at how hot it is; I swallowed some and some spurted out of my mouth. Hurrying, I shoved your legs apart and stuffed my mouth into your cunt, and let a little jet of hot water hit your pussy. You squirmed and I ate your cunt, hot water spilling out of my mouth and wetting our bed. I shoved my hot mouth into your cunt and ate you furiously.

Finally, you came like a bucking bronco in my face, and I had a hard time pulling you down to the bed as your legs raised your ass, so that I could keep my tongue deep buried in your juicy ripe cunt.

Next time, you fucking slut, I will make sure and tie you down good!
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