northtosouth (northtosouth) wrote in hxcdeepxthroat,

last night

i went over to the ex's house to get some stuff i forgot and we ended up watching a movie together for a bit. after the movie, she asks me if i'd rather just stay there, it was late and she said she didn't feel like driving me home just yet. So we both go to bed together and she asks me if i've been having sex since we broke up. I tell her a couple times, she asks if i used protection, i tell her of course. Then she starts going down on me, and i grab her and pull her around so we're in a 69, she usually hates that but she was loving it last night. We both are getting really turned on and she proceeds to fuck the shit out of me, then she grabs me and pushs me on top, but she's just grabbing my ass and fucking herself with my dick. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but that's what it seemed like she was doing, ha. We had some of the most intense sex i've had in a long time and this goes on all night long, it was amazing, very enjoyable. I can't believe how amazing she is in bed after we break up, i like it a lot better than when we were together, of course it's obviously not happenening as much so i think she's just really needing a good lay.
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